More than a thousand students signed up for a ticket subsidy in Barcelona

They served students of basic, diversified and university education

Some 1.147 students from Anzoátegui state went to the registration point for the subsidy for passage through the VeTicket system that was installed this Monday, September 13 at the headquarters of the Universidad Simón Rodríguez, located on Avenida Caracas in Barcelona.

The regional coordinator of Fontur (National Urban Transport Fund Foundation), Alberto Fajardo said that the registration for the electronic payment of the ticket began in the state in person at that point and through the homeland platform.

Fajardo indicated that the registration days are carried out with the support of members of the Venezuelan Federation of University Students and that this Wednesday a point will be enabled at the headquarters of Inces in Puerto La Cruz and on Friday 17 at the headquarters of the University of Tourism in Barcelona.

The spokesperson indicated that on the first day they attended to students of basic, diversified and university education, complying with the biosecurity measures against covid-19, from 8 in the morning until one in the afternoon.

The Fontur coordinator recalled that minors under 15 must be accompanied by their parents and all students who want to obtain the benefit of preferential passage must be registered on the homeland platform as students or as a family member of their representative.

He stressed that this first QR code that is issued in these days is valid for 90 days.



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