More than 97.200 doses of the Chinese Vero Cell vaccine arrive in Trujillo

Those immunized, show their vaccination card. Graphics: Fundasalud

A total of 70.200 new doses and 27.014 second doses of Chinese Vero Cell vaccine received this Thursday the Trujillana Health Foundation (Fundasalud), to continue immunization against covid-19, according to the schedule, in the state of Trujillo; This was reported by the president of this body, Jacqueline Peñaloza de Rangel, who indicated that biologicals are available in all established vaccination centers.

He stated that with the application of these vaccines "we are going to achieve approximately 40% immunization of the population in the Trujillo state during the first 15 days of September, for a total of approximately 244.063 immunized people."

Peñaloza de Rangel stressed that since Thursday 38 vaccination points were reactivated, including the six Monay, Valera, Carache, Sabana de Mendoza, Boconó and Betijoque hospitals and the 15 Comprehensive Community Health Areas (Asic).

"We are also going to take, by instructions of the Minister of Popular Power for Health Carlos Alvarado, the indication of itinerant points or house to house, which will correspond to territories where we have carried out a survey, a census, a data and where let us be certain that there are people susceptible to being vaccinated such as the elderly, pregnant women, among others ”, he explained.

Likewise, Dr. Peñaloza announced that they will begin the immunization against the pandemic of the teaching, administrative and worker personnel of the universities of the state of Trujillo, for this, some 5 vaccines were assigned and the Ipasme headquarters will be enabled, in order to develop the sessions.

Finally, he stated that with the massive vaccination plan and the application of first and second doses up to now, 19 Trujillians have been immunized against covid-171.493, which corresponds to 27,81% of the total population to be vaccinated, to reach the herd immunity (70% of the population).



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