More than 4.000 Amazonians were vaccinated against covid-19

Older adults from the Los Ribeños Commune, in Puerto Ayacucho were immunized.

The governor of the state of Amazonas, Miguel Rodríguez, reported that the Mass Vaccination Plan against covid-19 began in the Los Ribeños Commune, in Puerto Ayacucho, as it is a flood risk area.

Through his instagram account @gob_miguelr, the regional president explained that because it is a risk zone, the Civil Protection agencies of the entity and government personnel were deployed for the protection and security of the inhabitants, given the increase in the level of water from the Orinoco River.

Rodríguez indicated that to date more than 4.000 Amazonians have been immunized among health personnel who work in the first line of health care, security personnel, educators, older adults and people with some basic disease.

"We continue working tirelessly, fighting this pandemic and advancing contingency preparations due to the threat of flooding," the governor said.

He also announced that epidemiology brigades have been deployed to immunize the population against other diseases.



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