More than 30 homes affected by rains in Bolívar

Hurricane force winds left material damage in Caroní and Ciudad Bolívar

Jessiel Gascón, director of Caroní General Services and Secretary of the Environment of the Bolívar State Government, reported that after heavy rains with hurricane-force winds, 30 homes and 6 fallen trees were affected in the Caroní municipality, with no injuries or damage to regret. with immediate intervention.

Gascón stressed that due to the constant rains, the Caroní General Services has been continuously carrying out the pike and pruning of trees, in accordance with the 2021 Rain Plan; however, the rains also damaged power lines.

The also regional director of the Ministry for Ecosocialism, Jessiel Gascón, explained that the governor of Bolívar, Justo Noguera Pietri, issued guidelines to give answers to those affected by the rainfall in the entity.

“A total of 62 trees fell in the entire Caroní municipality, thank God with no human damage to regret. We stayed at the forefront of the work, equipment and machinery did an extraordinary job, to clear the roads in the shortest time possible and allow vehicular traffic ”, he emphasized.

In Ciudad Bolívar

It was known that a couple of houses were affected, 15 fallen trees, vehicles destroyed by the trees, only material damage, as well as fallen objects, which were removed by the General Services team of the Angostura del Orinoco municipality, together with Protection Civil and Firefighters.

According to the information provided by Ovany Aguirre, director of Citizen Security in Ciudad Bolívar, said that once the rain and strong winds stopped in the Bolivarian capital, they immediately began to clear the roads, as well as the support in the homes affected.



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