More than 3.500 public lighting points have been recovered in Barinas

Corpoelec and the Government of Barinas work on optimizing the electricity service

The National Electricity Corporation (Corpoelec), together with the Barinas State Government, have recovered more than 3.500 public lighting points in the different communities.

These actions are carried out as part of the plan to improve public services that is applied in the llanera entity. This was announced by Governor Argenis Chávez, who stressed that the requests made by the different sectors have been met.

The regional president stressed that thanks to the joint work between the national government, the governor's office and the municipalities, the necessary materials have been delivered for the rehabilitation of lighting in the main avenues of the city, as well as in areas that were in the dark.

He indicated that this week Corpoelec is in the Ramón Ignacio Méndez parish of the capital municipality, where the recovery of 400 points is planned in 13 sectors, including: My Garden, Vista Hermosa, Alfa and Omega, Ciudad Bendita, Juan Pablo II, Dominga Ortiz de Páez, Corocito and Jerusalem.

Chávez mentioned that a batch of light bulbs was delivered to the Regional Health Directorate that will be distributed in hospitals and Comprehensive Diagnostic Centers.

On the other hand, he said that progress is also being made with the replacement of transformers to strengthen the electricity service in the state.



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