More than 180 thousand neo-Spartans vaccinated against covid-19

In Nueva Esparta state, a total of 181.000 people have been vaccinated against covid-19 in the six active centers in the region in order to meet the goal of immunizing about 430.000 New Spartans, which represents 75% of the population, This was reported by the entity's protector, Dante Rivas.

Rivas assured that they are working hard and that in the coming weeks they will inaugurate a center per municipality to fulfill the goal entrusted by President Nicolás Maduro to face and defeat the virus.

The sole Health authority, Maira Velásquez, highlighted the engagement they have achieved with the different social organizations of each municipality, the We Are Venezuela Movement, the Health Committees and basic health teams, doctors, nurses and the Barrio Adentro teams, which They are supporting the search for vulnerable people in the territories to be cared for as a priority.

Velásquez thanked the support provided by Minister Carlos Alvarado and protector Dante Rivas, who guarantee health care in the island entity by making the necessary arrangements for the acquisition, shipment and distribution of vaccines and supplies necessary for the people.

The vaccination centers that are active so far are the Hugo Chávez Convention Center in Mariño, the Hugo Chávez Great Mission Base in La Blanquilla, Tubores municipality, the Grandparents' House in El Espinal, Díaz.

On the island of Coche, vaccination is active at the Specialized Center for Prevention and Comprehensive Care (Cepai); In Antolín del Campo the SRI Tiburcio Subero was enabled in the Manzanillo sector and in the Macanao Peninsula they vaccinate at the Hugo Chávez Large Mission Base in Boca de Río.



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