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More than 150 TDA decoders received the Cano Carinagua commune

In order to keep our people informed, a donation day was carried out for 158 TDA (Open Digital Television) teams to the sectors of San Pablo de Carinagua downtown, San Gabriel II, San Antonio de Carinagua and Alto San Antonio de Carinagua for vulnerable families in the Amazon communities.

The work was possible thanks to the articulation of the Management of Strengthening Amazonas, the Mtt Network, the Four Roots of the Revolution, and grassroots organizations such as Ubch Sr. Ana Emilia Moreno, Rass, Clap leaders and political tutors. 

This activity was carried out in compliance with the biosecurity protocols before the covid-19, and was under the accompaniment of the manager of mass services of Cantv, Jesús Ledezma and the Promotora Yoseriana Díaz, together with the political guardians Luis Chaparro and José Luis Goméz. 

From the technical table of telecommunications they announced that, "with this donation, it is guaranteed that our people will be kept informed day by day of the most important events taking place at the national level. All this is possible thanks to the Bolivarian Government that guarantees Open Digital Television, which is a technological, Social and cultural project that offers a new way of doing and watching television in the country, "the officials reported.

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