Monaguenses celebrated the beatification of José Gregorio with prayers

The image of Blessed José Gregorio Hernández runs through the streets and avenues of Maturín. Photo: Diocese of Maturín

The bells of the Nuestra Señora del Carmen Cathedral in Maturín rang from 6 in the morning to announce to the people of Monagas that the day of the beatification of Dr. José Gregorio Hernández had arrived.

The ringing lasted every few minutes until after 7 in the morning, when the preparations of the Diocese of Maturín began to celebrate such an important event for the Venezuelan parishioners, who for 72 years waited for this day.

Two large screens were placed by the Mayor's Office of Maturín, near the monument of the today first Venezuelan lay person to receive the honor of being blessed, so that those who will approach the Paseo Doctor José Gregorio Hernández - located in front of the Cathedral - could see the act which was broadcast on a national chain from Colegio La Salle in Caracas.

Hundreds of people approached the image of José Gregorio to pray and express with applause and tears their faith for the Doctor of the Poor. A simple, but very emotional act began in the place from 9 in the morning, presided over by the ecclesiastical authorities and where biosecurity measures were guaranteed.

Faith and devotion

Mrs. Estefanía Duarte was one of the people who joined the activity on the Paseo and said that the best way to celebrate this day is by praying. She stated that her devotion to José Gregorio has years, her mother transferred her faith and love for the recently blessed.

Like her, many Monagas fulfilled the call of the Catholic Church to place small altars in front of their houses to celebrate this joyous day.

Hence, Mrs. Flor García, from the Negro Primero sector, placed her altar in front of her house in gratitude for the health favors she has received from Goyo.


At 2 in the afternoon, with a soft and pleasant sun, because from the early hours the rain could be seen to appear, a procession of the image of Blessed José Gregorio Hernández began through the streets and avenues of the capital city, as planned the Diocese of Maturín.

As part of the tour, approximately 10 sectors were visited, where clinics and hospitals were included. In a vehicle circulated the image of the Blessed, which was adorned with flowers and a Venezuelan flag. At each stop, the fervor of those who have faith in Dr. José Gregorio Hernández was felt.

From the Paseo Doctor José Gregorio Hernández de Maturín the parishioners prayed and celebrated for the new Venezuelan blessed


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