Mobile pharmacies will tour Nueva Esparta

Three units will be deployed touring the different communities and municipalities. Photos: Dante Rivas Press

This Friday, September 3, the Mobile Pharmacy of the Bolivarian Navy Foundation (Fundab) was inaugurated in Nueva Esparta state, by the Commander of the Redimain, Admiral Neil Villamizar and the protector, Dante Rivas, who will be deployed in their different communities serving the population with the sale of medicines with more than 40% discount compared to the rest of the pharmacies.

Así lo anunció el protector de la entidad Insular, mediante las redes sociales. «¡Más salud para todos! Estamos contentos porque seguimos impulsando y acompañando acciones en pro de los neoespartanos. Hoy junto a nuestra Fanb inauguramos la Farmacia Móvil de la Fundación de la Armada Bolivariana que recorrerá #NuevaEsparta apoyando al pueblo», escribió Rivas.

The general manager of the Pharmacies, Kevin Cova, reported that the drug distribution service will be available in the state as of this Friday, September 3, in principle three units will be deployed throughout the different communities and municipalities, and three will be added soon plus.

He said that it is a permanent policy of the Fanb that will be working with the support of all the instances of the Bolivarian Government to protect the island population and bring them the medicines they require.



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