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Mobile clinic will attend pregnant women in San Felipe

This week, a refurbished mobile clinic that will serve pregnant women with comprehensive health services, including ultrasound imaging and other specialized care, went into operation in San Felipe, Yaracuy.

The mayor of San Felipe, Rogger Daza, reported this Thursday that the clinic will attend on Mondays and Saturdays in front of the Mayor's Office, for which pregnant women who need care should only go to the town hall on those days with the respective medical order that specifies the type of ultrasound to be performed.

He mentioned that on the first day of care, last Monday, 20 women received medical attention and their respective ultrasound studies were carried out.

Daza explained that the service is totally free and “it is, moreover, a valuable opportunity for those who require some type of ultrasound, because due to the high costs it is quite difficult for many to have access to this medical evaluation through images. and here with the support of the mobile clinic they can do it ”.

For the care of the women, a qualified professional staff was assigned, made up of doctors, nurses and social promoters, who are estimated to attend about 20 women per day.

The clinic is made up of two fully equipped offices: one for general medicine and the other to perform echo sonograms in the areas of obstetrics, abdominal, pelvic, breast, thyroid and soft tissue areas.

The plan is to then bring the mobile clinic directly to the communities as part of the Comprehensive Health days that the Mayor's Office develops in the most vulnerable sectors, in days that are coordinated with the Sociopolitical Action and Articulation Networks (RAAS) and the Claps.