Tricentennial of Curiepe celebrated with a thanksgiving mass

Students from the Pablo Antonio Rada School of Music performed the culepuya drums. Photos: Mayor of Brion.

The thanksgiving mass for the 300 years of the founding of Curiepe, one of the parishes of the Brion (Higuerote) municipality of the Miranda state, gathered on Monday, June 21, residents, ecclesiastical and local authorities in the Bolívar square of the place, reported the chronicler of this Barloventeña area, Adrián Monasterios.

Before the images of San Juan Bautista, San Juan Congo, San José and Nuestra Señora de Altagracia, patron saint of Curiepe, the apostolic administrator of the Archdiocese of Caracas, Baltazar Porras, celebrated the religious service on a platform together with the bishops of the Dioceses from Guarenas and La Guaira, Tulio Ramírez and Raúl Biord Castillo, respectively. The mayor of that municipality, Nora Delgado, was also there.

Students from the Pablo Antonio Rada School of Music performed the culepuya drums as well as a choral group that enlivened this spiritual activity.

He pointed out that this Monday Curiepe became the capital of the Miranda state by the Legislative Council of Miranda for a day and also of the Brion municipality.

At the end of the afternoon they presented the street theater play "Juan del Rosario Blanco" written by Fernando Ivosky and at the Casa de la Cultura the piece "Larito or the slave who wanted to be free" by Alfredo Galindo Tovar, which is the adaptation of a short story of the same name by Juan Pablo Sojo Rengifo.

These stagings and the mass are part of the Cultural Week that the curieperos carry out as a prelude to the celebration of the party in honor of the Baptist, on June 23, 24 and 25, as is traditional. One of these activities was a meeting of San Juan cultists from various localities who showed their images and ways of dancing, singing and drumming.

Monasteries reported that in 1721, on the eve of the Baptist festival, a group under the command of the captain of the Caracas Free Morenos Company, José del Rosario Blanco, stayed in what is now Curiepe to start a town they called Nuestra Lady of Altagracia and San José de la Nueva Sevilla de Curiepe, Cabo Codera, Sabana de Oro and Ensenada de Higuerote.

The story told by the chronicler of Brion gives an account of a series of attacks by various landowners who tried to take that land away from free blacks, who did not allow themselves to be overwhelmed.

Thanksgiving Mass was held for the 300th anniversary of the founding of Curiepe.


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