Miguel Alciro: Traditions have an ally in La Noticia

ÚN has made a great contribution to culture.

Últimas Noticias It is a great ally of Venezuelan traditions and culture, because there is no manifestation where it is not present, said Miguel Alciro Berroterán, member of the Board of Directors of the Network of Heritage and Cultural Diversity of Miranda state and president of the Andrés Artistic Education Center Eloy Blanco (CEA) from Guatire. He says he feels fully reflected in the journalistic works dedicated to these issues, as a cultist of the Parranda de San Pedro and cultural servant, committed to the dissemination and protection of popular and indigenous expressions, as well as all disciplines of art.

Berroterán believes that ÚN has made a great contribution to the cultural heritage and has become an unparalleled bastion to publicize the Parranda de San Pedro, declared Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity (Unesco, 2013), as well as the traditions and the institutions of Guarenas, Guatire and Barlovento, throughout Miranda and the country.

“Definitely, this means of communication is connected with Venezuelans, being from Mirand, and the people of Guanajuato. It is enough to read the information that it provides with truthfulness, seriousness, responsibility and content. It is the newspaper of the town. Its journalists rummage to find the best news to offer in the roots of people and communities. Nowadays, more of the customs is known thanks to Últimas Noticias", he pointed. Berroterán referred to the effects of biosecurity measures due to the covid-19 pandemic, which in 2020 and 2021 have limited the development of the celebration of the various traditions in Venezuela, because most of them imply a high e uncontrollable concurrence of people, followers and promeseros. Now it is impossible to go out into the streets of traditional expressions.

Talks and educational workshops that provide knowledge of the demonstrations in schools were also suspended, where there are no face-to-face classes but through the internet at home. “It is imperative to keep informative press works on the traditions and Últimas Noticias it has been a fundamental factor in that, because it guarantees the continuity of knowledge, the importance and the meaning of customs, avoiding that feeling that could occur of forgetfulness or disinterest ”, stated the cultist.

In that dimension reached by Últimas Noticias in the area, Berroterán highlighted the relationship of this medium with the creation of the Academy of History of the Zamora municipality (Guatire) in 2001, when Lil Rodríguez, founder of the Guarenas-Guatire Correspondent, gave extensive coverage to the forum organized by the CEA. The auditorium of the institution was filled to listen to the stories of the main chroniclers of the population and from that great call the institution was born.

Validity. Through caricatured stories, culture notes, sports chronicles, and Sunday comics, Berroterán's attachment to Últimas Noticias, when he was 11 years old, because at his father's house, Don Alciro, this tabloid was not lacking.

"I am a reader of Últimas Noticias, at first, by family tradition, then by choice; in the Guarenas-Guatire and Barlovento axes, this medium became the source of information with the most content on all topics, especially culture. At the present time, the digital version predominates in my interest, especially in times of quarantine, when I am in my home or office, it becomes practical, in addition to that at any time it can be reviewed ”, he assured. He recalled that when he was young, as a funeral coach driver, many times he got a copy of UN in the vehicle and as an insurance broker he introduced advertising flyers to offer his services between the pages of this newspaper.


Miguel Alciro Berroterán is from Guatireño, a lawyer, a professor at the Santa María University in Commercial Law and Public International Law, as well as an Insurance broker. He has been in the Andrés Eloy Blanco Artistic Education Center (CEA) in Guatire for 51 years, where he is the director of the San Pedro School. As a tenor, he participates in the Orfeón Régulo Rico of the CEA and the Vocal Group Entre Voces (Caracas). Produces the radial space Cantos Polifónicos. He is a member of the Academy of History of the municipality of Zamora and of the Board of Directors of the Network of Heritage and Cultural Diversity.

Lawyer and San Pedreño with more than 50 years as a cultist. Photo: Antonio Quintana


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