In Petare they revive the dead on a guided tour

The José Ángel Lamas Foundation of the Sucre municipality, Miranda state, will offer this Tuesday, November 2, Day of the Dead, an activity that combines a guided tour and theatrical performances called Horrors and appeared in Petare, to publicize the manifestations of the beyond that They are part of the cultural heritage of this town, reported anthropologist Nelly Pittol from the Division of Regional History.

He said that the meeting will be at 3 pm at the end of Las Flores Street, now Los Mariches Boulevard, to enter through Vargas Street, on the way up the great wall of Petare. Attendees will be received by the guides Leyda Gutiérrez, José Linares and Pittol herself.

People can bring alcohol or antibacterial for hand washing although the members of the Lamas Foundation will have gel. They will also have the presence of Polisucre officials and members of Civil Protection. There is no limit on the number of attendees because the tour will take place in open spaces.

"The idea is to take a tour of the historic center of Petare, some of its buildings, where information has been collected over time from people who have heard voices, cries or who have touched them," he said.

The first character is a tall man, a catire, who according to what appears in one of the houses in the sector; On Zeta Street, a herbalist who helped heal people with different plants will walk through the crowd, and at the Lamas Foundation headquarters the ghostly figure of Mrs. Bianchi will appear through the windows.

People will hear accounts of strange events in the City Council; the temple Dulce nombre de Jesús; the home of Germán Ubaldo Lira, author of the music Hymn of the Miranda state; Madeleine and Lino de Clemente streets, old Los Baños, the César Rengifo Theater, the Bárbaro Rivas Museum; the old house of the family of the musician Lino de Clemente; and La Paz street at the back of the municipal cemetery. The tour will end at the headquarters of the Foundation to find out the opinion of the people about the activity.

Pittol pointed out that this activity is being carried out for the fourth consecutive year and began with an idea from the intern Daniel Figuera based on an investigation by the chronicler Coromoto Méndez Sereno.

“First, there was a tour with very little staging but this year we have incorporated the students of the Porfirio Rodríguez Theater School, which is a department attached to the José Ángel Lamas Foundation, people from the community and actors from the César Rengifo theater who they have been very interested in this proposal ”, he expressed.



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