Guido Acuña de Guatire literary contest

The writings will be delivered by email. Photo: courtesy CEA

Venezuelan and foreign authors who live inside and outside the country will be able to send their works to the II Guido Acuña Literary Short Story, Chronicle and Poetry Contest, organized by the family and friends of the contest's eponymous Guatireño writer, the Andrés Eloy Blanco Artistic Education Center ( CEA), the Auristela Rondón Foundation and the Tere Tere Cultural Foundation.

The writings will be received this year between Monday, May 3, the day of the Holy Cross, and Tuesday, June 29, when the Parranda de San Pedro is manifested, only in digital version that will be sent to email [email protected].

Among the bases, it is specified that the works must be unpublished and not be involved in other similar events, in addition, they may be related to Guatire, the Miranda state or Venezuela, as a context or main theme. The rest of the specifications regarding the length of texts and typeface, as well as the characteristics of the page, are published in

In each literary category there will be three prizes for the most outstanding proposals of 150, 75 and 25 dollars each and the qualifying jury may grant additional mentions. The delivery will take place in the CEA auditorium on August 15 of this year.

Guido Acuña Jr. pointed out that this contest is held "for the love of letters", as well as to enhance the figure and literary work of his father, who was born in Barrio Abajo in 1919 and died in 1996.



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