Los Teques Metro replaced rails between Adjuntas and Ayacucho

The Los Teques Metro System replaced 7.350 linear meters of the rail that were in poor condition in the Adjuntas - Ayacucho section, at the Carrizalito tunnel.

The engineer Francis Rojas, regent of the General Maintenance Management, indicated that for such tasks a single temporary route (VUT) was implemented to guarantee the execution of the work in the established times.

He explained that the work, carried out by the Vía Férrea coordination team and Metro de Caracas technicians, were carried out in two phases. In the first, the preparation of the new rail was made, thus cutting the rail bars to the indicated measurements and then placed them together with the equipment and work materials in the vehicle that was in the Las Adjuntas patio, with which later they entered the road; This is to optimize the execution times of the work on the line.

Once this stage was completed, the replacement of the affected rail began according to the procedures and safety standards established in the intervention manuals on the track in the event of breaks in long welded rail and continuous welded rail.
He added that these tasks that are part of maintenance guarantee greater security in the system.

The work carried out by the Vía Férrea coordination team and Metro de Caracas technicians were carried out
in two phases

With information from the correspondent: María Alejandra Guevara



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