FANB members guard electrical installations in Miranda

Photo: Zodi Miranda

A multidisciplinary team of members of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (Fanb) was deployed in the Thermoelectric Plants, stations and electrical substations located in the state of Miranda, with the perspective of guaranteeing protection to the strategic system for serving the people.

The G / D Johan Alexander Hernández Lárez, commander of the Integral Defense Operational Zone (Zodi) No. 43 in Miranda, stressed that the inspections and tours are to prevent acts of sabotage to the National Electric System.

The G / D Hernández pointed out that the Railway Troops of the 643 Railway Engineer Battalion "G / J Antonio Guzmán Blanco" based in Charallave are active protecting the India Urquía Thermoelectric Plant, located on the Santa Lucía-Santa Teresa national highway of the municipality Paz Castillo, which supplies energy to the Miranda states, part of La Guaira and Greater Caracas.

While the members of the Urban Security Detachment in Miranda (Desur) carry out constant inspection tours at the José María España Thermoelectric Plant in Los Teques.

Other soldiers from different territorial tactical and operational units review the operation and operation of the José María España electricity stations at Km 8 of the Pan-American Highway, Charallave II in the Cristóbal Rojas municipality, Piñate in the Santa Bárbara parish of the Tomás Lander municipality, Curupao in the Plaza municipality (Guarenas), Santa Teresa III in Independencia, among others.

The head of the Zodi Miranda said that the supervision of the electricity headquarters is supported by the People's Guard, whose main function is social articulation. "These soldiers are deployed with preventive tasks, ensuring the proper functioning of basic services such as the distribution of domestic gas and water, always collaborating with the safety of citizens."

The officer pointed out that the strategic actions developed in the nation are in compliance with the instructions issued by G / J Domingo Hernández Lárez, Strategic Operational Commander of the FANB.



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