Mariño Mayor's Office recognizes the work of neo-Spartan journalists

Photo: courtesy of the Mayor of Mariño

On the occasion of the celebration of National Journalist Day, this Saturday, June 27, the mayor of the Bolivarian municipality G / J Santiago Mariño, Francisco González, together with the president of the Municipal Council, Rut López and other councilors, recognized the work of a group of neo-Spartan journalists by granting them the Order “Br. Eleuterio Rosario Campo ”.

The order was created this year in honor of this outstanding personage of the contemporary history of the city of Porlamar, who founded two newspapers, mastered several languages ​​and practiced journalism and teaching. 

In this first installment, the communicators Nazareth Yepez, Tania González, María Eugenia Guerra, Eduvige Velásquez, Erly Corzo, Jesús Leal were chosen; Joel Valdez, Mario Moreno from Mundial Margarita and Alí Acosta, from different media and state institutions.  

The council chamber also granted this order to the mayor Francisco González for his program "From the People to the People" that is broadcast every Wednesday by Margarita 92.9 FM World Cup. In addition, other communication professionals received recognition from both institutions.

During the ceremony, the mayor expressed his admiration and respect for the professionals of social communication "who work attached to ethics to bring information to the people." 



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