Maturín Terminal will continue to operate in the flexible weeks

In this first flexible week of 2021 a great mobilization of passengers was observed.

The Maturín Interurban Terminal will remain active during the flexible weeks that are authorized by the national government, as reported by its director, María Mata, who also assured that they will demand strict compliance with biosafety measures.

He asserted that to enter the facilities of the main land port of the capital of Monaco, the use of a mask will be mandatory and they will maintain the application of disinfection tools to users who enter. “In each of the access areas to the land terminal, a person will be located to guarantee that the biosecurity measures are met. It is important that users bear in mind that we must maintain strict compliance to guarantee the health of the people and in this way avoid the spread of covid-19 ”.

Greater mobilization

The director of the Maturín terminal said that last December there was an increase in the number of passenger mobilization, which was 50% higher than the previous year (2019).

He commented that in this first flexible week of the year, a large displacement of passengers was observed, probably because many are returning after the holiday season or because they have plans to leave the entity. 

Mata reported that the places with the greatest mobilization have been the municipalities of Caripe, Punta de Mata and San Antonio and - outside the state - Caracas and Valencia, with which there are about 40 mobilized transport units.