Massive covid-19 screening in Trujillo, Anzoátegui and Falcón

Health teams have been deployed to carry out PCR tests in the communities.

The regional authorities in Trujillo, Anzoátegui and Falcón states reinforce biosecurity measures with the massive deployment of covid-19 screening in communities, in order to stop or prevent the rebound of this disease in the country and to have a diagnosis in time that contributes to the activation of the protocols.

In the Trujillana entity Civil Protection officials, State Police, the Trujillana Health Foundation (Fundasalud), the Barrio Adentro Mission and the Social Development Directorate, were deployed in the 20 municipalities of the state to carry out the screening day massive.

The governor of the state, Henry Rangel Silva pointed out that in this expanded deployment, officials go house to house conducting virus discard tests, as well as disinfection with sodium hypochlorite.

“From the state of Trujillo applying the Venezuelan method 7 + 7, which is the method of going to the depths of the town to make contact with the people and we are in the middle of the expanded deployment for the massive screening of the covid-19 in everything Trujillo state, ”he said.

Rangel Silva also highlighted the work of the members of the 15 Comprehensive Community Health Areas (ASIC), who joined the house-to-house deployment.

“There are 15 areas of community care that cover the geography of the state and today with the teams (…) they go from house to house, sector to sector, community to community, checking families, seeking information in community councils, in the Clap , in order to detect the covid-19 virus in time, a strategy that saves resources, because when it is detected early, it is attacked early and the covid-19 is defeated early, "he said.

For her part, the president of Fundasalud Dr. Jacqueline Peñaloza de Rangel explained what the screening session consists of:

“We have the teams deployed in the state of Trujillo, addressing the entire population suspected of covid-19 with rapid and massive screening tests; We have also installed since November what is antigen PCR screening, a diagnostic test that allows us to carry out, in less than 24 hours, the confirmation or discard of what is the positive PCR of a patient ”, he explained.

Likewise, Peñaloza said that the diagnostic method allows offering timely treatment to patients who test positive.

Prevention measures

On the other hand, Rangel Silva said that since four in the morning on Monday, more than 1.600 public officials of the governorate, mayors, military and police officers are deployed in the 20 municipalities of the entity, to comply with the week of quarantine radical.

In this sense, he urged the commander of the Comprehensive Defense Operational Zone (Zodi), G / D Giancarlo Delfino to demand compliance with the national 7 + 7 prevention scheme for covid-19 in the entity.

“General Delfino, commander of the Zodi Trujillo, we must hit hard at those who do not comply with the established regulations. This week public transport is prioritized for the health sector and those who work in the prioritized areas, in the same way the distribution of fuel at service stations is limited ”, he recalled.

The regional president added that there are "active foci" of covid-19 in the municipalities Trujillo, Valera, Pampán, Pampanito, Carvajal, Urdaneta, Candelaria, Escuque and Sucre, for which he asked the population to take care of the virus.

Health brigades in Anzoátegui

As part of the immediate actions to intensify the fight against the covid-19 pandemic in Anzoátegui state, selective screening will be reactivated in the communities with the support of the health brigades, recovered patients will be monitored, and material will be provided of biosafety and improvements will be made to the infrastructure of the health system, in addition to the activation of ozone therapy centers.

These provisions emerged from the working table held this Monday at Ven911 headquarters in Barcelona, ​​between the president of the Anzoátegui State Corporation (Corpoanzoátegui), Luis José Marcano and the representatives of the regional Health General Staff.

Marcano highlighted the need to promote the dissemination of messages to raise awareness in the population about the consequences of the pandemic.

"We must raise awareness among our people, disseminating biosecurity measures and collective prevention actions," added Marcano.

Four municipalities of Falcón will start the day

The governor of Falcón state, Víctor Clark, announced this Monday the start of the massive screening days for covid-19 in four prioritized municipalities in the region (Falcón, Carirubana, Colina and Miranda), based on the deployment of more than 600 health officials and conducting tests in care centers and house-to-house.

Clark, who said that the instructions of the national government are being complied with, said that the health team and organized popular power led the approach in the Paraguaná peninsula, specifically in Pueblo Nuevo, capital of the Falcón municipality, where at least 150 tests between PCR, PDR antigens and Elisa's test.

The regional authority explained that the task focused on the Falcón, Carirubana, Colina and Miranda municipalities, because they are where the active cases are found.

He also said that it is a control and containment effort, based on an expanded screening that seeks to detect and control potential sources of spread, for which the PCR, antigenic PDR and Elisa test methods are being used, which have demonstrated effectiveness and to be able to have a diagnosis in time that also contributes to the activation of protocols and other decision making.

The governor said that the entity has a state-of-the-art equipment that allows knowing a result in a maximum of half an hour.

"Another objective is to reduce the admission of patients to health centers in moderate or severe conditions," said Clark, also avoiding the collapse of the public and private hospital network.