Rehabilitation of areas affected by rains in Trujillo

The Joint Task Force to deal with the situations caused by the rains remains deployed in the state of Trujillo, said the Secretary General of the Government, María Materano, who highlighted the work of the infrastructure group.

In her participation in the radio and television program Al día con Rangel Silva, Materano indicated that: "thank God we have not had considerable damage that we can say have put the life and property of the community at risk."

She also reported that in the Sucre municipality, specifically in the La Vichú creek, work is being carried out with machinery to channel the channel and protect the slope where a high voltage tower is located.

"The La Vichú creek was generating certain risks that could cause the fall of a high voltage tower, which is located lateral to the creek, the pertinent measures were taken to protect the slope and prevent the tower from falling," she explained.

On the other hand, Materano asserted that in the San Rafael de Carvajal municipality, in the Mesa de Chipuen sector, heavy rainfall caused the total fall of a section of the road; There the teams of the Infrastructure Directorate (Dinfra) of the state governorship carried out the survey and the report for the elaboration of a project, with a view to solving the situation of entry into the sector.

Through social networks it was learned that the teams of the Trujillo state Asphalt company (Emastru) continue to clear roads affected by the rains, particularly in the Santa Rosa de Jiménez agricultural sector of the Pampanito municipality, where 500 were collected cubic meters of sediment supported by heavy machinery.

Resource request

Meanwhile, Governor Henry Rangel Silva revealed that he asked the Vice Presidency of the Republic to approve financial resources to deal with emergencies generated by the rains.

“I took to the vice-presidency of the Republic the request for resources to attend the emergencies of the rains of the previous cycle, which has to do with the repair of an edge fault, the attention to the Troncal 001 from Monay, Agua Viva to Buena View (…) the Cheregüe bridge, the Jirajara bridge, there are several bridges that need to be worked on, we are waiting for the resources. We are going to continue working on improving the roads, "he said.

Finally, the general secretary of the government, María Materano, stated that organizations such as Civil Protection, Fire Department, Police, the infrastructure cabinet made up of Dinfra, Finas, Emastru, Emcontru, Barrio Nuevo Barrio Tricolor, Ministry of Public Works and the Ministry of Transport ; Public services and social groups remain active and alert to emergencies that may occur in the entity as a result of the rains.



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