Livio Delgado: The influence of the newspaper in society is undeniable

La Linda Barinas by Eladio Tarife, land of inspiration for Orlando Araujo and Alberto Arvelo Torrealba; plains that have given birth to men and women who have been part of the development and progress of the country, from the roads of Palma and Sol there are hundreds of faithful readers who today celebrate 80 years of Últimas Noticias.

One of these characters is Livio Delgado Godoy, a citizen who has dedicated his life to promoting culture and became associated with Últimas Noticias since his youth, when he began his career with the formation of the first literary and poetry workshop that was held in Barinas.

Delgado had, for this activity, to keep up to date with the events that were happening in the country, so he comments that when he went to a kiosk to buy newspapers, his first option was always Últimas Noticias.

“From my high school days I was interested in reading and one of the ways to cultivate knowledge and stay informed was to read printed media. I was looking for Últimas Noticias because it was the newspaper that was sown in the feelings of the Venezuelan. It even came to be classified as the people's newspaper ”.

In Delgado's opinion, ÚN achieved that popular slogan since it knew how to interpret and assume its position as a means of communication. It was identified with the reality that Venezuelans were experiencing and it was also one of the few media with true national circulation.

“This influenced to promote a motivation towards reading in the population of that time. It also served to train Venezuelans in the concern of their own identity. In other words, seeing or knowing oneself, in a medium because it reflected the feeling and the reality that the country was experiencing ”.

Maestro Delgado recalls that ÚN reached all corners of the country, while other newspapers sent copies only to some of the main cities of the national territory.

“The News reached many towns, a day late, but still people waited for the newspaper to find out what was happening. And is that Últimas Noticias It arose at a time when a series of events took place that marked the history of Venezuela and throughout its trajectory it has been there, informing the country and beyond our borders ”.

Delgado Godoy considers the importance of ÚN in Venezuelan journalism and its influence on society undeniable, since its printed edition contributed to relating to people. It was the reason for gatherings in cafeterias, to discuss the news of the day and visits between neighbors to borrow the newspaper.

“I remember that in my case I always read politics and, of course, culture; but when my brother arrived, he immediately grabbed the sports supplement that he brought Últimas Noticias. The newspaper stood out for publishing what people liked, ”says Delgado.

This intellectual defines himself as an inveterate reader, one of those who likes to stain his fingers with newspaper ink and who loves to get lost between the pages of a book. That is why it has been difficult for him to adapt to technology to stay informed, since there have been no print media in the state of Barinas for several years.

He confesses that he visits the newspaper's website daily and gives it a "quick glance." It only stops at the specific topics that are of interest to you.

“For me this adaptation to digital has been complex. I read but not with the same love that I did with print. Although virtuality contributes to crossing borders, for me the newspaper is the everyday, it is the point of exchange of ideas with family or friends, it is the excuse to have a coffee and comment on the news of the day ”.

Delgado says that he longs for "those times and moments and I hope that the printed edition will circulate throughout the country or there is a project of this type for my beloved state of Barinas," he says with a hint of hope.

Love to the countryside

Livio Gilberto Delgado Godoy, born on January 10, 1952 in Calderas, Bolívar municipality of Barinas state, has a degree in Letters and a lawyer, graduated from the University of Los Andes. Since 2017, he was appointed director of the first Casa del Alba Cultural de Venezuela, located in the historic center of the city of Barinas. There he encourages reading, the culture of the entity and integration with sister nations, among the Barinese, especially among young people. He has held various positions within the cultural cabinet and in the regional administration. Delgado is undoubtedly an icon in the cultural area of ​​the state of Barinas and who has been in charge of training the new generations in what is the cultural history of the entity.



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