Licenses are given to 80 beach workers in La Guaira

Tolderos, kiosks, restaurant services and others in La Segunda, in Naiguatá. Photo: Jesús Gazzaneo

Eighty workers from La Segunda beach in the Naiguatá parish formalized their economic activities upon receiving their licenses as tourism service providers from the Superintendency of Tax Administration (Sumat-Vargas).

The delivery was made in the Naiguatá Spa, an economic activity license to tents, kiosks, restaurants and other beach services, this being the third group of workers in the eastern area of ​​La Guaira to legalize their activity. 

To date, 4.300 beachgoers have been legalized that are organized along the 176 kilometers of coastline, "the need to advance in the discussion and regulation to avoid speculation with the prices of each of the services offered on the coast," he said. the mayor of Vargas, José Alejandro Terán.

Irbing Goitía, president of the Tourist Chamber of Playeros, made a call to service providers to comply with biosecurity measures and work implements. "We are at work tables with the beachgoers and the mayor's office on legal attention, price verification and services on the beach." 

The beach sector generates income for some 77.000 families from Guaireña or that depend on this activity, reported the authority of this economic sector.

The mayor of Vargas proposed "the creation of a school for the training and quality of tourist service by all the workers of the beach trade in the entity," said Terán.



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