In Barquisimeto they consolidate musical training nuclei for children

Katy Yánez, president of the Municipal Institute of Culture and Arts (Imca) of the town of Iribarren (Barquisimeto), in the state of Lara, reported that 16 nuclei of Jesús “Gordo” Páez Popular Training are already consolidated, in nine of the ten iribarrenses parishes.

A total of 326 children are participating in plans for musical training, song and dance in Larense in the parishes of Juarez, Catedral, Concepción, Guerrera Ana Soto (Anasoli), Santa Rosa, Aguedo Felipe Alvarado, Cují, Tamaca and Unión.

Yánez announced that recently, the Mayor of the aforementioned town, Luis Jonás Reyes Flores, delivered 157 musical instruments to the nuclei, in order to strengthen "the guaro spirit" of those who dedicate to the cultural sector in an act held in the park Concha Acústica and within the framework of the 469 years of the founding of Barquisimeto, this Friday, September 17.

The instruments donated to each musical group were cuatros, requintos, sixth, tamboras (blows and cumaco) and sound equipment.

As a complement, uniforms were also given to the different groups of new musicians, Yánez said.

The support plan for cultural groups seeks to develop the talent of boys and girls, and also has the objective of "sowing the heart within the love for Guara traditions and that is the purpose of Mayor Luis Jonás Reyes", stressed the official of the Imca.

Regarding the investment in musical instruments, he pointed out that it was 200 billion bolivars, in the execution of the endowment program.

Yánez also highlighted the pride that it means for the new generations of musicians to have Efraín Barragán, who works as musical director and arranger of the Imca groups, and who with more than 50 years of experience highlights his participation in the Herbert von orchestra. Karajan, whose members accompanied much of Frank Sinatra's artistic career.



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