Community media establish an alliance with Lara legislators

The Open Chair "Hybrid War and Popular Communication" was created in alliance with the Legislative Council of Lara state.

Community producers and the Legislative Council of Lara state establish an alliance to create the Open Chair "Hybrid War and Popular Communication"

Rider Molina, producer of the community radio "Ondas del Cercado", reported that the objective of this alliance is to promote the meeting between the spokespersons of the entity's community media network, as well as all those interested in the issue of popular communication, for which he thanked the members of the state Legislative Power chaired by the deputy, Ramón Suárez.

He said that they are working on a new training plan and work exchange between community media actors and Lara legislators, in terms of radio production.

Recently, in the first meeting, they reviewed the context of Commander Hugo Chávez's return, after the coup in 2002.

“In these days of rebellious April, we must remember, April 11, 2002 as the day of betrayal, the 12th of shame for the assumption of power by Pedro Carmona, the 13th is the awakening of the people with the civic union- military, and on the 14th the return of the magnanimous president, Hugo Chávez, who took out a cross asked for forgiveness and forgave, ”said Molina.

He assured that the objective is to establish over time the realization of awareness activities around the testimonies of the people about the incidence of the previous historical events in personal life, also, the analysis of their consequences "as a continuous blow" , and finally, the highlight of April 12 as the day of Popular Communication.

Meanwhile, Wilmer Peraza, director of the "Guachirongo" radio station, stressed that they have wanted to "maintain the common spirit", adding that, "we are in a heroic Venezuela and that the goal of being free and independent has been set, especially to set an example for the world of a people in struggle, heir to combatants like Bolívar, Sucre and the supreme commander Hugo Chávez ”.



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