Landslides are registered on the Barinas - Mérida highway after heavy rains

More than 200 cubic meters of cold asphalt were placed in 4.7 km on the alternate road to facilitate the transit of more than 5 vehicles.

The heavy rains registered in recent days in the state of Barinas have caused several collapses on the Trasandina Barinas - Mérida highway, impairing free traffic.

Carlos Blanco, regional director of the Ministry of Popular Power for Public Works in the state of Barinas, reported that due to the situation - and on the instructions of the National Executive and the Government - crews were deployed in the affected areas in order to clear the road, which has been seriously affected by numerous landslides.

He mentioned that the machinery and personnel are activated in this important road artery, where a cleaning and preventive maintenance plan is carried out to clear the road.

He stressed that during the rainy season, landslides in the mountainous area are common, however, he indicated that the authorities are alert to attend to these situations.



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