Women producers of Cojedes received 27 new credits

In the Ezequiel Zamora de Cojedes municipality, 27 new financing was delivered to productive women from the nine municipalities of the entity, which develop projects in different areas.

The Deputy Minister of the Women's Productive Development Area, Lusmialit Perdomo, accompanied this conference and pointed out that these credits are granted in conjunction with the Ministry for Women and Gender Equality, the Banco Bicentenario and the Government of Cojedes

In this sense, he informed that the process is currently being developed in 10 states that are in the socialization stage to later deliver the financing during September, a month that the Ministry for Women and the entities involved have called "the month for credit ”.

For his part, Simón Zerpa, president of Banco Bicentenario, stressed that the loans are aimed at financing textile, food, animal husbandry, among others, and that with these 27, there are already 140 granted by the Banco Bicentenario del Pueblo, with the aim of strengthening the country's economy.

"These enterprising women are victorious in the economic war and they will allow us to continue building the economy from below, to finally defeat any imperial aggression or coercive sanction that they want to impose on our country," emphasized Zerpa, who closed with the commitment to continue supporting and massifying loans for lame women.

Mary Mendoza, Cojedeña producer, thanked the authorities for the delivery of these financing, and expressed her commitment to local production to continue helping the families of the entity and the entire country, “we are brave, enterprising, productive and capable women. , we will continue producing and winning ”, he pointed out.



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