Unearte Cojedes active with activities of the Bicentennial route

The National Experimental University of the Arts (Unearte) nucleus Cojedes, will participate with all its students in the activities of the Bicentennial Cultural Festival to be developed during this 2021.

The information was released by Ruth Dominique, territorial manager of Unearte in Cojedes state, who also highlighted that this institution is linked at the national level with the Ministry of Culture and the Villa del Cine for the production of what will be the Bicentennial Route.

In this sense, Dominique stressed that in the learning environment located within the Institute of Culture of the entity, conferences, training workshops, meetings and sharing of knowledge, audiovisuals and handicraft samples are being planned.

These pieces of art are made entirely by participants of the National Training Programs (PNF) of Unearte and members of the communities related to the community artistic projects of the students.

The Rodrillano Center for Artistic Emancipation (CREA) "Amado Lovera" of Unearte, currently has students from the PNF Audiovisual Arts, Music, Plastic Arts, Education for the Arts, Audiovisual Arts, Contemporary Dance and Traditional Dance, gathering an important potential of artists to support this route of the Bicentennial Cultural Festival.

Dominique stated that in the coming month of March Unearte will be 3 years old in Cojedes, so they are willing, grateful and happy to participate with all these samples of the Venezuelan affirmative and to commemorate the Battle of Carabobo with art.



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