Animals in captivity released in La Guaira

Moment in which a cari-care hawk is released / Photos Jesús Gazzaneo

Two collared váquiros, scarlet macaws and a Sabanero cari-care, were seized by officials of the Ministry of Ecosocialism during a security and protection of biological diversity operation. The animals were in captivity in La Guaira state homes.

Macaws must be free, they are wild animals

Edison Adrián, state director of the Ministry of Ecosocialism, indicated that the animal species were in the possession of families who kept them as pets, so they proceeded to safeguard them, as an administrative measure, and began the investigation of the origin of these species, since They are used for hunting and trafficking of species. 

The animals were in captivity

"The specimens will be relocated to the state of Aragua, at the Las Delicias de Maracay Zoo and the Leslie Pain in Turmero, where they will receive veterinary medical attention in order to preserve the life of these specimens of Venezuelan fauna and be reinserted into the wild." Adrian said.

The protection actions were carried out with the support of the Bolivarian National Guard, Municipal Police, animal protectionist societies and personnel of the Ministry of Ecosocialism. The case was notified to the Public Ministry.
Up to the arrow, about 10 protective actions of this type have been carried out in La Guaira. Three of them have received judicial and criminal measures. 

"We work in the Carayaca and El Junko parishes to avoid hunting species such as deer and others and thus avoid their extinction and generate a new culture among the residents," said Adrián.