Guaireño talent prevails in Niña Rubí

All the talent involved in the production is from Guaireño. Photo: Courtesy EL

An action miniseries, Ruby Girl. The search, produced in La Guaira, is being broadcast by EAN Canal on YouTube; made with the participation of Guaireño talent and on stages in the Central Coast.

Ender León, director and writer of the series, comments that this production, although it is not the first that this school has made, it is the first filmed with visual effects and voice dubbing in La Guaira, by students of the Naiguatá Audiovisual School. EAN.
León points out that it is an independent production and where renowned artists from La Guaira participate who, together with new talents, make the miniseries "a whole story that captivates the viewer due to its current theme and development".

Good sound, good camera and excellent acting work, together with the musicalization and the clear image, catch the viewer immediately, in its first two chapters already at

The history

Niña Rubí began in January and had more than two thousand reproductions in its first episode, in just 24 hours. To date, there are more than six thousand national and international followers who have commented on it positively.

The series tells the story of a young woman who in the midst of a confusion is sought out by different characters who little by little will get to know each other within its plot.

The young protagonist is played by the Guaireña actress Marinés Tauil, she represents the philosophy of the human being, “that jewel that we all want in life, because, as it is narrated at the beginning, all of life is in search of something ... ”Says León.

Tauil is accompanied in the leading role by the Guaireño actor and singer Carlos Ojeda. Likewise, renowned and experienced local actors participate, such as the playwright and theater director, Maestro Luis Leiva; Miguel Pernalete; Yelitza León; and Freddy Castro the well-known "Kotufa".

New figures from Guaireño theater also appear on the scene, such as Yaudy Lezama, Yulimar Miralles, Kilben Rodríguez and Julio Gómez (Warens Films).

The miniseries had the participation of allied producers, such as Supremacía Studio, Daly Músic, Warens Films and Olas Media, which are part of other productions of this School of Audiovisuals.


This school, located in the Naiguatá parish, trains young people interested in audiovisual arts and supports low-income talents who want to enter the world of audiovisual production, promotion and dissemination.

Graduates will be able to produce materials such as information and awareness micros for radio and television, as well as video clips, short miniseries, and studio recordings.

His first work was broadcast in May 2014, being the school's first short film “El Quemado”.