Ivan Lira: Últimas Noticias a diary with humor

A balanced medium, warns the cartoonist. Photo: Tania González

Iván Lira, plastic artist and cartoonist, considers that Últimas Noticias It is the newspaper with the most popular flavor in Venezuela, because from its point of view this newspaper has been ingrained with Venezuelans.

“They have always had respect for being Venezuelan, with our colloquial language. The newspaper links with Venezuelans quite correctly from the cultural and communicational aspects, reporting seriously and always with the use of Venezuelanism, handling it with a lot of humor, ”said Lira.

The cartoonist highlighted that Últimas Noticias It has never lost its position as a means of social communication, not even in the moments of greatest political confrontation in the country.

"Other newspapers established a position on one side or the other, as is well known throughout the country, but ÚN always maintained its role as a medium, with an informative balance, showing once again its respect for Venezuelans."

“My connection with the newspaper arises as a reader. It is one of our great newspapers with national circulation and the best journalists and opinion columnists in our country have passed through its pages and I have always followed it, ”said the artist.
Lira remembers being a voracious reader of the cultural supplement.

“It was an excellent material dedicated to all the cultural fact of Venezuela. They also published works by the great teacher Régulo Pérez and I was always his admirer. So there has always been a very deep connection with Últimas Noticias".

More recently, during the tenure of Professor Eleazar Díaz Rangel, as director of the newspaper, Iván Lira became part of the talent of this print media. "I started working as a cartoonist for the newspaper, there I keep a cartoon called Tinta República and that I have kept daily."

Lira is a self-taught artist inspired by her father's work and her mother's love.

“The daily humor of my father, his ideological political commitment, his huge library and my mother, with her infinite love and her wisdom, were my art school, especially drawing, and starting from there I have dedicated myself to painting, design, caricature and other occupations based on the ability to imagine, to project, to draw, in short, to draw ”.


Iván Ernesto Lira Gómez was born in Porlamar, Nueva Esparta state, on May 17, 1969. He is the son of the poet and journalist José Lira Sosa and Eucaris Gómez. Brother of the poet and teacher Carlos Lira, as well as Félix Lira and José Enrique Lira. He married the ceramist Sandra Valecillos and has 2 children: Bianca and Ernesto. The family resides in the city of Juangriego on the island of Margarita.

He has worked in numerous print companies such as Zona Franca, El Pregón, Cuaderna, La Pájara Pinta, El diablo de Caracas, A full sun, Calle Real, Todos Adentro, A full voice, Find you and more recently in El Especulador Precoz. It also collaborated with the draft of the Bolivarian National Police Law. He has produced countless posters, political testimonies, and pamphlets. He has published Only humor saves us (2012) and The Lira lines of the weekly Todos Adentro.

Lira is self-taught inspired by her father. Photo: Tania González


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