1.300 land titles delivered in Cojedes

In the Tinaquillo municipality of Cojedes state, 1.300 urban land property titles were delivered during a new day of the Great Venezuela Housing Mission (GMVV), with which the number of 10 titles delivered in this town is reached.

The information was given by the governor (e) of Cojedes, Indalecio Sánchez, who celebrated, together with the members of the “Floresta Unida” commune, the delivery of title number 33 thousand 314 of the state, through the National Institute of Urban Land ( INTU).

He also explained that with this delivery the communities Las Granjitas, Las Granjitas San José, Las Granjitas Simón Bolívar, Caño Claro, San Isidro II, La Candelaria I and Eucalipto, belonging to axis III of Tinaquillo, are favored.

During the day, 13 new Urban Land Committees (CTU) were installed in these communities, which will provide care to some 5 families in this territorial axis.

Sánchez, assured that the revolution is in charge of giving that legal protection and that recognition for the years of occupation of the families that continue to receive property titles every week, pointing out that "land is a right and not a commodity."

For his part, Suheidi Torrealba, spokesperson for the Sabana Grande de La Floresta community, thanked this awarding of titles, also affirming that together with the Bolivarian government, the CTU and the popular participation of the organized communities continue to build a homeland. 



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