Iris Varela: In Barinas we won municipalities that represent 75% of the REP

Deputy Iris Varela, regional head of the Aristóbulo Istúriz Campaign Command in the state of Barinas, assured that the Great Patriotic Pole won the municipalities that represent 75% of the Permanent Electoral Registry (REP), including the capital of the entity.

He indicated that they have the minutes in hand and the official pronouncement of the CNE who will confirm the victory.

The Great Patriotic Pole in Barinas won the victory in the municipalities: Barinas, Sucre, Alberto Arvelo Torrealba, Bolívar and Arismendi. While the Democratic Unity Table won the mayoralties of Bishops, Pedraza, Rojas, Sosa and Andrés Eloy Blanco. In the case of Ezequiel Zamora, the independent party Compa was victorious. 

The atmosphere in the entity is suspenseful. Not only the political factors involved, but also the inhabitants of Barinas, maintain the expectation in the announcement of the CNE.

Since Monday, the MUD candidate, Freddy Superlano, called on the militancy to concentrate around the Regional Electoral Office. This Wednesday he offered a press conference at the command headquarters, located in the Tierra Dorada shopping center, in which he mentioned that the deadline for the CNE to give the results had already expired and that the will of the people was expressed on November 21 .

While the Psuv militancy has met at the party headquarters with the state leadership awaiting the result. Argenis Chávez called for calm and urged the opposition sectors to wait for the results issued by the regional headquarters of the highest electoral body.

The CNE facilities in the entity, as well as the government, are guarded by police officials.



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