Day of comprehensive care for indigenous peoples in Gran Sabana and Sucre begins

People over 18 and pregnant women with more than 14 weeks of gestation were vaccinated against covid-19

The president of the Bolívar State Institute of Public Health (Ispeb), Franklin Franchi, reported the start of the Immunization Day against covid-19 in the Gran Sabana and Sucre municipalities.

Javier Pérez, commissioner of the Gran Sabana municipality, allied with the director of the Rosario Vera Zurita Hospital, Henderson Ortega, and the director of Health in the town Norvelys García, coordinate benefits to guarantee quality health to the inhabitants of the entity.

Pérez explained that the vaccination process is extensive for all residents over 18 years of age and pregnant from 14 weeks of gestation, who are summoned through the Patria System.

During the activity dozens of citizens who received the first dose of immunization were attended; pending the second one that will start in 21 days up to 60 days.

While in Sucre, they manage the care of 163 people in medical consultations for children and adults, screening for hypertension, diabetes, as well as taking PCR samples, obstetric and gynecological consultations, deworming.

Likewise, a medical evacuation of a person with a burn was carried out, by air, thanks to the Government of Bolívar, while they delivered a supply of medicines and medical supplies, to the Popular Type 1 Clinic, Entre Ríos community, to continue with primary care in indigenous communities.

Nilda de Ortiz, 70, a resident of the Akurimá community in Gran Sabana, expressed her gratitude. “Thanks to this vaccination plan that the government brought us, the protection of the Venezuelan people is guaranteed in the midst of the country's sanctions. Although we are vaccinated, let's continue with the use of the mask and all the measures ”.

F1 Over 18 and pregnant women with more than 14 weeks of gestation were vaccinated against covid-19 Attachment area



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