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Inces and Barcelona City Hall promote training plan for young people

The mayor's office of the Bolívar municipality of Anzoátegui state, with the support of the National Institute for Training and Socialist Education (Inces), carried out the first Training and Accreditation Plan for Barbers in Barcelona.

On the first day of registration, according to the head of the municipal cabinet for youth, sports and recreation, Josephmirth González, more than 250 young people received guidance on the methodology that will be applied throughout the training.

The registration of the applicants began this Thursday, January 13, at the headquarters of Zapatería Z (Plan Z) located in Barcelona, ​​and is scheduled to end this Friday, the 14th, but the goal is to attract young people from 25 of the 40 Communes registered in the jurisdiction.

González explained that the purpose is to train youth in various areas as a tool that leads to the appropriation of the means of production and promote the new economy.

“After a very easy registration process, the young people will go through an interview process with the head of professional training Franklin Goite of Inces, who will determine, according to their knowledge, which of them will start as a barber trainer in their communities and who will start the basic course of barbering”, commented the spokesman.

González commented that Mayor Sugey Herrera makes a constant call to the youth of the municipality to join the workshops, courses and programs that will be installed soon with the purpose of strengthening their knowledge and building spaces that generate conditions for their development.