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Inces and the Government of Apure recovered 800 tables and chairs in 15 days

A total of 800 tables and chairs belonging to the educational units of the Apure state were recovered, between December 28 and January 12, by the National Institute of Training and Socialist Education (Inces), in a joint effort with the State Government Apure and the Ministry of Popular Power for Education (MPPE), according to a press release from Inces.

Following the guidelines of Professor Eduardo Piñate, governor of Apure, regarding the consolidation and rehabilitation of educational spaces, between December 26 and 30, the Inces work brigade managed to recover 150 tables and chairs in the Daniel O Educational Complex. 'Leary and 65 at the Miguel Ángel Escalante for a total of 215 pieces.

The removal and repair activities were resumed in 2022 with the start of the school year, attending the Mac Gregor Educational Complex, where 162 pieces were recovered in just two days. The San José elementary school and the Aristóbulo Istúriz Educational Complex also benefited from the work of Inces teachers and apprentices, where they not only worked on the furniture but also provided support with work in the area of ​​electricity.

However, the work is not yet finished, at a meeting held on January 13, it was agreed that Inces would be a collection center to receive the material that will allow us to continue advancing to respond to the demand for school furniture in the state of the Llanos. .

All these activities have been carried out under the management of the president of Inces, Wuikelman Angel, who has arranged for the institution to be at the disposal of the MPPE with regard to the repair and construction of school furniture throughout the country, and it is expected to arrive in the next few days to the milestone 20.000 tables chairs recovered.

These works are carried out in conjunction with other organizations such as the Educational Buildings and Endowments Foundation (FEDE), Educational Zones, Youth of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela, Ubch, organized communities, among others.