José Gregorio Hernández Religious Tourist Complex inaugurated in Boconó

This Sunday the Minister of Public Works, Raúl Paredes, inaugurated the Blessed José Gregorio Hernández Religious Tourist Complex in the Boconó municipality of Trujillo state.

Accompanied by the believing people of the garden of Venezuela, Paredes pointed out that this work has a special meaning for everyone and was inaugurated within the framework of the celebration of the 157th anniversary of the birth of the Doctor of the Poor.

“Today the people of Trujillo, especially the Boconó municipality, are jubilant. Today we are putting into operation a very important work, because it covers not only the tourist part but the religious part. We are making the Dr. José Gregorio Hernández Religious Tourist and Ecological Complex available to the Trujillo people this week, the anniversary of one of the greatest men who gave birth to the Venezuelan homeland, ”he said.

He explained that the complex is located in an emblematic place, because “we have the Dalla Costa High School on the right side where our boys and girls are, there José Gregorio will take care of them; In front, we have the Rafael Rangel hospital where more than 80% of the population is cared for and also José Gregorio will ensure the health of those who enter there, and on the left side, there is the entrance to Boconó, José Gregorio will ensure health, for the peace and harmony of the town of Boconó ”.

In this sense, Minister Paredes thanked the President of the Republic Nicolás Maduro for approving the resources for this work, which will be of approval for the boconeses, Trujillanos and for everyone who believes and trusts in the blessed.

Meanwhile, the deputy to the National Assembly Gerardo Márquez, and also a candidate for the governor of the Trujillo state for the Psuv, expressed his gratitude on behalf of the people of Bocon "for this extraordinary work that he gives us in honor of the blessed of the poor."

It should be noted that the Indios Cospes de Tostós accompanied the inauguration of this space; In addition, the population present received a poster with the image of the blessed. During the inauguration, candles were lit to thank God and Dr. José Gregorio Hernández for their health, as well as to ask for the end of the pandemic.

The Blessed José Gregorio Hernández Religious Tourist Complex has green areas, walkways, benches, a children's playground, murals, and other spaces for the meeting and recreation of its own and visitors.

At the inauguration, the population received a poster with the image of Blessed

Tricolor Day 20

In another vein, this Saturday in the La Inmaculada sector, El Carmen parish of the Boconó municipality, the Great Mission Barrio Nuevo Barro Tricolor delivered the rehabilitation of 100 homes as part of the habitat and housing transformation plan that the mission has been developing in the whole country.

Community chief Nancy Montilla, on behalf of the inhabitants of La Inmaculada, expressed her gratitude to all who worked for several days to beautify the area.

For his part, Stanly Martorelli, a resident of the community, indicated that “thanks to the Bolivarian government, more than 100 families have been favored with the Great Mission Barrio Nuevo Barrio Tricolor, as well as the field and the church, all thanks to teamwork ”.

Deputy Gerardo Márquez added that this delivery is part of the 20th day of the tricolor Saturday, and announced that the goal of the great mission is to achieve the rehabilitation of 800 homes. 

The day was accompanied by cultural presentations and the delivery of sports materials to those in charge of the rehabilitated court



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