In Zulia, security plans for fuel diversion are announced

The governor of the state of Zulia, Omar Prieto, announced the installation of a fuel table with the support of PDVSA to guarantee the distribution of gasoline and diesel for the areas of production processes. 

The Zuliano president stressed that he will apply strict controls to the routes of the cargo trucks that transfer fuel to service stations. “Attentive and alert, I am informing that the cargo trucks are diverted, we make a planning and there is someone there diverting these vehicles. We have decided to place custody of each one, imagine everything we have to do to achieve stability and peace for our people, ”he emphasized. 

He affirmed that there is a sabotage plan against public services from Colombia promoted by Iván Duque and Juan Guaidó to strip Venezuela of its resources and generate destabilization, therefore, "the Bolivarian government uses all its resources to overcome obstacles."  

He stressed that this issue was proposed by the Regional Commission for Industry and Commerce, which raised the distribution of fuel as a priority, so that the highest percentage of Diesel is destined for the productive and agricultural sectors of the region. 



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