In Tuy, more than 94 brigades try to cut the chain of infections

Health authorities seek to guarantee the required medical care.

More than 94 popular prevention brigades to counteract the new Brazilian variant of covid-19 were activated in the six municipalities of Valles del Tuy, Miranda state.

The health authorities seek to guarantee the medical attention required, in order to cut the chain of infections and preserve the lives of the tuyeres.

Mayor Gabriela Simoza revealed that the brigades are made up of Venezuelan and Cuban medical personnel, promoters of the Humanized Childbirth plan, young people from the Somos Venezuela Movement and Civil Protection officials, who carry out screening and disinfection tasks in the communities.

In the Rafael Urdaneta municipality, the brigadistas deployed in the Santa Cruz, Lecumberrry, Mume, April 19 sectors, among other popular sectors.

In Paz Castillo they visit the communities of Macuto, Manguito, Altos de Soapire, among others. In Simón Bolívar they visit the families of San Antonio, Quebrada Seca and Ave María.

In Independencia they were deployed in El Cartanal, Mopia and Dos Lagunas, among others. "The prevention brigades and the immediate care team also visit the communities where positive cases have been detected for a process of screening and immediate detection of covid-19," said Dr. Mireya Quevedo, director of the Comprehensive Community Health Area ( Asic) Lecumberry in Cúa.

He urged the population to take their precautions to avoid the spread of this virus, through awareness of the correct use of masks, constant hand washing and physical distancing. "The coronavirus is not a game, take the appropriate measures and do not leave your homes if it is not strictly necessary," he said. 



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