In Trujillo they will celebrate Teacher's Month with training activities

Venezuela celebrates Teacher's Day every January 15 Photo: referential / archive

With the slogan "Teachers from Trujillo, heroes of education in a pandemic," the Educational Zone of the Trujillo state began the celebration of educator month on Tuesday.

This was reported by the head of this body, Lirosbeya Torres, who pointed out that this Tuesday the National Diploma of Teacher Training in Science and Technology was held. Likewise, the extension course was launched to the educational training teams of the Educational Zones.

“We have activated Educator's Day (…) with our motto 'Teachers from Trujillo, heroes of Education in a pandemic', with a broad program dedicated to the training of our educators,” he said.

Torres added that as part of the national programming on Thursday the 14th, at 11 am, the Pedagogical Resources forum will be held electronically.

For the central day, Friday, January 15, the head of the Educational Zone stated that a Special Session will be held at the headquarters of the Legislative Council of the state of Trujillo, where Professor Tagasy Reyes will be the speaker.

"In coordination with the Municipal Chambers and Mayors, the days for the respective municipal acts were agreed and thus pay tribute to our teachers from the 20 municipalities of the entity," he said.