In Trujillo they distribute more than 30 tons of fish at Easter

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More than 30 tons of fish - both fresh and salty - has been distributed by the National Socialist Institute of Fisheries and Aquaculture (Insopesca) in the state of Trujillo, as part of the protein sales sessions this Easter.

This was reported by the regional coordinator of Insopesca, Gustavo González, who said that so far 16 of the 20 municipalities of the entity have been served.

“Since Monday there has been a distribution of more than 30 tons of our protein, which is fish, in the different species, both fresh and salty, with the team that accompanies us from the Ministry of Popular Power for Fishing and Aquaculture and Insopesca Trujillo ”, he expressed.

González said that, before and during the Semana Mayor, the Ministry and Insopesca team carried out an evaluation in order to "guarantee a price control to avoid speculation and excessive abuse of the prices of the hydrobiological species product."

Thanks to the Pescado 200 Plan - he added - “we will be serving the Trujillo state with four caravans of sardines that are equivalent to 33 tons of protein, which will be dispensed through the Clap and the General Food Staff directed by Governor Henry Rangel Silva . This is an item that comes at an affordable price and will be selling for bolivars 755 thousand ”.

González pointed out that the sardine caravan has been delayed due to the diesel situation and the theft of some cargo trucks, for this reason he offered an apology to the Trujillo people.

He also thanked the Trujillo families for their behavior this Easter, who have preserved their tradition of consuming fish and have stayed in their homes taking care of covid-19.

It should be noted that through his account on social networks, Trujillo state governor Henry Rangel Silva, indicated that the fish sale days are being carried out successfully in the entity.

“The days of distribution of fish, a favorite and traditional protein in the Semana Mayor, with the deployment of @minpescave, remain active in the state #Trujillo. The Sardine Caravan will also arrive, to serve different #Claps in the region, "he wrote on his account @ RangelSilva4f.

Finally, the regional coordinator of Insopesca, Gustavo González, said that these days are carried out in compliance with instructions from President Nicolás Maduro, Governor Rangel Silva and with the accompaniment of the Clap of the region.



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