In Trujillo they coordinate actions to improve fuel supply

After a meeting held between authorities of the regional government, the Integral Defense Operational Zone (Zodi) and representatives of PDVSA, the Fuel General Staff was installed in Trujillo, in order to coordinate actions to improve the sale and distribution of diesel and gasoline in the entity.

The governor of Trujillo state, Henry Rangel Silva, reported that an important investment has been made for the recovery of the fleet and the equipment that transfer fuel to the more than 50 active service stations in the state.

“Important decisions have been made, which is the strengthening of the National Transportation Company's fleet, the government is making a significant investment to repair the cargo trucks or the equipment that make it possible for the fuel to reach the state; better attention and priority will be given to the public transport sector and the people, which will be seen in the coming days, ”he said.

Rangel Silva indicated that the meeting also evaluated the distribution of fuel in Trujillo state during the first 15 days of September, resulting in an increase in the transfer of the product from the supply centers.

"An increase has been noted in terms of product brought from the supply centers in Zulia and Punto Fijo, there has been an increase in units, which has been seen with the delivery of fuel to the sectors," he said.

He also highlighted that the Fuel General Staff will remain in permanent work and will carry out the analysis at each of the service stations distributed in the 20 municipalities of the entity.

With regard to serving agricultural producers in the state, he said that proposals to improve fuel supply are being evaluated.

The regional president announced that next week will be the second meeting, in which he will consider holding a meeting with all the service station concessionaires "so that we can handle a single language, maintain effective coordination and so that the fuel problem leaves to be a problem and the population has access to this product ”.

It should be noted that the Fuel Staff is made up of Governor Rangel Silva, the commander of the Trujillo G / D Trujillo Operational Zone (Zodi) Lenin Herrera, the head of the Bolivarian National Guard zone command, representatives of the Ministry of Petroleo, PDVSA and its National Transportation Company; as well as representatives of the productive sector and transport of the entity.



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