In the regions, they promote a mass vaccination plan for teachers

This Thursday, the special days of vaccination against covid-19 for workers in the education sector in the regions continue, in order to immunize as many teachers as possible before returning to face-to-face school activities, scheduled for next June 16 September.

With four points for mass vaccination, the day in Anzoátegui state was restarted this Thursday, September 9. The director of the regional Educational Zone, Carmen Castillo reported that for this second phase the first and second doses are guaranteed for 10 workers in public and private schools throughout the state.

Castillo explained that in the north they are applying the vaccines at the Eulalia Buroz School in Barcelona and Grupo Escolar Sotillo in Puerto La Cruz, where 2.500 and 1.500 people were summoned for the first day, respectively.

The official announced that the other points for the massive attention of workers are arranged in the Anaco municipality, central area, and Simón Rodríguez, southern area of ​​the entity.

In foreign municipalities, directors, teachers, processors mothers and school workers will be attended to in the CDIs on a special evening schedule, and they will be summoned by the Educational Zone.

Regarding the coverage figures of the anticovid immunization process, aimed at the educational sector and which began in March of this year in the state, Catillo said that to date they exceed 40% and recalled that they articulate the work with the Health General Staff to reach the goal of 70% vaccinated for safe return to classrooms, as provided by the national government.

In Anzoátegui, the first and second doses are guaranteed for 10 public school workers and private across the state.
and private across the state.

In Yaracuy the goal is to immunize 20 thousand workers in the sector

In Yaracuy this Wednesday, the special vaccination days against covid-19 for teachers and workers in the education sector began, as part of the measures that are taken with the purpose of protecting the staff who will join classes in the coming days.

The Secretary General of the Government of Yaracuy, Juan Torrealba, reported that the goal is to immunize 20 thousand workers linked to the education sector in the entity, so that they join their work with adequate immunological protection.

He recalled that last March 2 teachers were vaccinated in the first special days aimed at educational personnel.

Also in the ordinary operations that are carried out every day in the vaccination centers, another important number has been attended. To date, 8 thousand people who work in the education sector have been immunized throughout the state.

The vaccines that are placed in this immunization scheme are the Sinopharm, of Chinese origin, which must be applied in two doses: the second 15 days after the first.

The official urged the population to be vaccinated, and to continue protecting and taking care of themselves, so that health prevails in the state and in this way the school year begins in peace and safety.

For her part, the regional epidemiologist, Carmen Yánez, stressed that the vaccination of minors, between 3 and 17 years of age, is foreseen so that they are immunized and can start classes more safely. We are only waiting for the national guidelines to start the corresponding days.

They plan to vaccinate 5.000 employees of the University of Los Andes

The sole health authority, Ramón Nieves, indicated that it is estimated to vaccinate 5.000 employees of the University of the Andes (ULA).

He stressed that he was given a list by the ULA authorities with 5.000 people who hold different positions among teachers, employees and workers. However, he explained that the day allows to quantify with more precision the vaccinated university personnel.

The immunization day arranged by the national government was carried out for three days with the application of the first dose of the Chinese Sinopharm vaccine to the active personnel of the ULA.

While: «The Comprehensive Medical Attention Center of the University of Los Andes (Camiula), which serves as a vaccination center, attended this Wednesday the personnel assigned to the Liria Nucleus, this Thursday 9, the personnel assigned to Central Dependencies and for this Friday, September 10, he will attend to the personnel assigned to the La Hechicera Nucleus and the Faculty of Art and Graphic Design, “explained the director of this health care center, Adán Colina.

María Lucila Araque, representative of the ULA Workers' Union, (Sitraula), expressed that this action contributes to the return to face-to-face classes with better conditions to prevent the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. 

Jesús Rodríguez, president of the UPTM Student Center, confirmed that personnel from 13 universities of the Merida entity have also been vaccinated.

With information from the correspondents: Vivian Ariza, Carlos Vielma and Agusmir Guarache.




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