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In the regions they expressed their rejection of violence against women

This Thursday women from the city of Coro gathered to lead the walk against violence against women dressed in purple, raising balloons and with their hands painted in the famous color.

The representative of the Ministry of Popular Power for Women in the entity, Herkis Duno, reported that the tour began in Los Tres Platos and continued along Independencia Avenue until it reached the square that bears the same name.

There the activists joined a dance therapy activity carried out by the Star-Bien Falcón team, together with Fitpowerlive and Merlin Pinto.

During the walk, which spanned almost a kilometer, the women insisted on hoisting the slogan "Enough of violence against women" as part of their struggle to demand the defense of the rights of the female population.

This activity took place as part of the violet month program developed by the Falcón government, which celebrates the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women.

"This date invites us to build a planet of equality, in which being a woman does not represent a danger, being a woman cannot mean a disadvantage, in a still macho and patriarchal society, in which gender violence reigns," explained Duno .

The Regional Institute for Women (Iremu) was in charge of organizing the activity whose purpose was to strengthen an awareness campaign and remember the value of women in society.

The director of this institution, Carelis Bravo, maintained that she maintains the accompaniment and legal advice, where the most important thing is to report.

"And we raise our voice, the collective voice of Falconian women that builds and deconstructs patriarchy, promoting the eradication of violence against women," she said.

Training creates awareness

The governor of the state of Mérida, Jehyson Guzmán, through the radio program Patria que Lucha, announced the launch of a training plan for the civil registrars of the Merida entity, in cooperation with the competent institutions for the defense of women, to eradicate gender violence.

"The female gender is not weak but vulnerable," for that reason the policies of the Regional government will be oriented towards the protection and care of women, she said this Thursday when the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women is celebrated.

He also reported that they are working for the upcoming opening of a shelter for the protection of women and the family.

For his part, Edgar Mir, control judge in matters of Crimes of Violence explained that in Venezuela the Organic Law on the Right of Women to a Life Free of Violence was enacted, in 2.007, in 2014 it was reformulated, and is currently being modified to expand its ranges of action.

He pointed out that there is gender violence in different municipalities. In addition to the increase in reports of abuse of minors and trafficking of adolescents. " You have to report them, speak about it to impart justice, "said Mir.

He highlighted that in the city of Mérida, there are several receiving bodies, including the State Prosecutor's Office, specifically in the Victim Attention Unit, located in front of the Bolivarian Library; in the same way, in the Twentieth Prosecutor's Office, located on Urdaneta Avenue in front of the Mayor's Office of Mérida.

The regional representatives of the Ministry for Women and Gender Equality also participated in the program, as well as the director of the Women's Institute who requested to continue educational programs in high schools and schools on the issue of gender non-violence.

From the radio program Patria que Lucha, Governor Jehyson Guzmán spoke with the guests about the actions to guarantee a life free of violence.

With information from the correspondents: Agusmir Guarache, Josmary Escalona