In the regions the Carvativir does not give truce to the covid-19

Following the guidelines of President Nicolás Maduro, the antiviral Carvativir continues to reach all corners of the country to be applied in the treatment of Covid-19. It is a drug developed by the Venezuelan Institute of Scientific Research (IVIC) that has been shown to have prophylactic, therapeutic and regenerative properties to combat the damage caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus, which causes the new Coronavirus.

In Lara, the Torrenses received the "miraculous drops"

Ramón Suárez, president of the Legislative Council of Lara State (CLEL) and a native of Carora, Pedro León Torres municipality of Lara state, delivered the first installment of Carvativir, corresponding to this town, whose border is shared, with the Zulia region ( Maracaibo).

The parliamentarian highlighted the efforts of the President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, “who does everything he can to stop the spread of this pandemic due to covid 19, and proof of this is this medicine (Carvativir drops) that are made with Venezuelan seal, "he said.

He also highlighted the knowledge promoted by scientists and researchers through the Venezuelan Institute of Scientific Research (IVIC) who "have managed to process Carvativir, which has all the conditions to strengthen the immune system of the human body."

Suárez reported that the delivery is made in coordination with the State Executive in charge of the vice admiral, Adolfo Pereira and the Torrense mayor, Edgar Manuel Carrasco.

2.600 new doses of Carvativir arrive in Sucre state

Photo: Courtesy of the Bolivarian Government of Sucre Press

2.600 new doses of Carvativir, which will be distributed in the Comprehensive Community Health Areas (ASIC), Comprehensive Diagnostic Centers (CDI) and sentinel centers of Sucre state, arrived at the entity.

The information was released by the state governor, Edwin Rojas, who reiterated that the arrival of these drugs are part of the second batch sent to the region.

The regional president urged citizens to respect compliance with the biosecurity measures instructed by President Nicolás Maduro, to stop the chain of infections.

“We have seen with concern that some people do not take care of themselves as they should. If you don't take care of yourself, you don't take care of others ”, he concluded.

Merideños have their miraculous droplets

Photo: Courtesy CorpoMérida

3.261 vials of Carvativir have been received in the Merida entity for complementary care in the treatment of patients with SARS-CoV-2, informed the deputy of the National Assembly Jehyson Guzmán, in his radio program Fighting Homeland.

Guzmán specified that at the beginning of this week 1.061 units were received, distributed in the 18 Comprehensive Community Health Areas (Asic) and the two sentinel centers of the state, the Autonomous Institute Hospital Universitario de los Andes (Iahula) and the General Hospital Hugo Chávez Frías from El Vigía. This Wednesday another batch of 2.200 units arrived.

The deputy said that he was a user in the trial phase of the miraculous goths (Carvativir): “In October last year, when I was recovering from Covid-19, I was given drops of Carvativir as indicated by the doctor who treated me, and day by day they studied my reaction, which was always favorable, I can attest to how miraculous they are ”.

Regarding the distribution of the medicine, the deputy coordinator of Misión Barrio Adentro, Moraima Salazar, explained that the criterion for placing the doses in the Asic was epidemiological, taking into account the number of active cases of Covid-19 in the entity.

In the case of sentinel hospitals in the state of Mérida, each healthcare center received 80 units from the first batch. "These will be supplied to patients in mild or asymptomatic, moderate, or severe conditions," reported the Single State Authority, Ramón Nieves.

Barinas has 2.350 new Carvativir treatments

The health authorities of the state of Barinas distribute more than 2.350 treatments of the miraculous Carvativir drops in the sentinel hospitals and Integral Diagnostic Centers of the Llanera entity.

This was announced by Governor Argenis Chávez, accompanied by Dr. Nellys Molina, regional director of Health, highlighting that it is the second batch of this drug that reaches Barinas, since the first was almost 650 treatments.

The Barinese president indicated that this drug is already being supplied to patients infected with covid-19, who are confined in public health centers or those who have symptoms related to the virus.

He stated that the antiviral has an efficacy proven by scientists in our country and that thanks to the national government the miraculous drops Dr. José Gregorio Hernández is being provided to the different hospital facilities.

“Carvativir is being distributed in Barinas, guaranteeing access to this medicine for free to all patients with covid. As well as we have made progress with the vaccination of medical personnel and teachers ”, he mentioned.

With information from the correspondents Carmen Luzardo, Agusmir Guarache, Naiyelis Garcés and the Press department of the Bolivarian Government of Sucre



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