In Táchira they pay attention to the queues at the service stations

It seeks to minimize the time invested by users at gas stations

The coordinator of the Fuel Cabinet of the Táchira State Protectorate, Nellyver Lugo, reported that verification has already begun in several service stations in compliance with the plans approved for subsidized and international companies, in view of the repeated complaints made by users. since last week.

In this regard, he pointed out that the number of vehicles and users in the stations from whom they require a driving license to verify that they are in the group with an assigned license plate was verified, "we want to create the conditions and prevent these situations from occurring."

“Of the people we approached around the service stations, several could not justify their stay there. For this reason, I inform you that this verification and certification plan will be expanded to the 29 municipalities of the state of Táchira, ”Lugo said.

For these reasons, the "Dark Sky" plan returned, which aims to prevent the locals from having to stay at night in the stations "and from today the different commissions leave to avoid these situations," he said.

Likewise, the operation of the pumps was verified with PDVSA and that all the islands of each service station are 100 percent operational. The Fuel Cabinet promised to keep informing the people of Tachi permanently.

"We want to give a stop to those people who want to return to chaos in international service stations," said the spokeswoman.

Siscom was also asked to read the service stations, in order to certify compliance with the prioritized and scheduled schedules, as well as the identification terminal for international stations.

To conclude, Lugo explained that it seeks to minimize the time that the Tachirense invests in service stations.



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