In Táchira they evaluate the 116 Peace Quadrants of the entity

The Quadrants of Peace seek to give security to the people in their territory.

Review, coordinate and supervise the mechanisms that the 116 Peace Quadrants carry out day by day in the entity in order to provide a better complete and comprehensive service in terms of security to the people of Tachira, is the purpose of the meeting between the Redi, Zodi, Police (PNB, Táchira State Police and municipal) that took place this Tuesday at the headquarters of the National Experimental University of Security (Unes) in San Cristóbal.

In this regard, M / G Ovidio de Jesús Delgado Ramírez, commander of the Redi stated that “the success of the Bolivarian revolution is based on the Quadrants of Peace, Management Bodies for Integral Defense, the new 911 that translates into giving power to town".

In this sense, he stressed that "we are a uniformed people and what makes everything concrete is the Territorial Defensive System is that it has a component of armed and non-armed struggle, that is why all of us who carry weapons are a fundamental part of the Integral Defense of the Nation".

“The terms of Defense, Security and Development are the basis of the Constitution and it crosses 7 areas: social, political, economic, geographical, environmental, cultural and military, it turns out that we are jointly responsible for the first three objectives. For this reason we must be ready and attentive to the clamor of the people, which is a people that demands but resists with great gallantry ”.

For his part, G / D Ángel Moronta Juliao, commander of the Zodi, affirmed that this meeting obeys a fundamental mission of the Ministry of Interior Relations, Justice and Peace, articulated with the protector of the entity, Freddy Bernal, with the purpose of provide security to the entire population of Tachira.

"We have reviewed the mechanisms, instructions were issued to the Bolivarian National Guard, which together with the different police officers are in charge in the Peace Quadrants, to provide comprehensive care and service to the different communities of the state of Táchira," he said.

“The peace quadrant is a mission of the Ministry that seeks the equitable distribution of all the security forces to serve the communities and that they feel safe and that they have the full support of our officials in various issues such as complaints, disasters natural conditions and any other incident that occurs in their territories ”, Moronta sentenced.



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