In Táchira, the Mayor's Office of Córdoba reopened CDI Dr. Gerson Mancipe

With an investment of more than 16 billion bolivars, the Mayor's Office of the Córdoba municipality, together with the Federal Council of Government and the Protectorate of the state of Táchira, reopened the Dr. Gerson Mancipe Comprehensive Diagnosis Center, located in the town of Santa Ana.

The act was attended by the protector of the state Táchira Freddy Bernal, the mayor Yoira Vargas, the Single Health Authority, Dr. Amelia Fressel, Greizzy Gómez from 0800, the political bureau of the Psuv, as well as deputies to the AN. "It was a great blessing that the reopening of this important Comprehensive Diagnosis Center coincided with the birth of a little boy, Eliecer Lizcano," said Bernal.

He also announced that the area of ​​Dentistry and the Operating Room was recovered. For this reason, this week will begin with 40 surgeries to the Minor Surgery Day, oriented and coordinated by the Unique Health Authority in Táchira, in which Venezuelan doctors, Cuban doctors, Barrio Adentro, Central Hospital and Ivss will participate.

The CDI will have 20 doctors, Venezuelans and from the Cuban Mission, who will have the responsibility of providing comprehensive care to the entire population of the Córdoba municipality.

Bernal stressed that they are doing all the work and steps possible to set up a midwifery room so that the women of Córdoba do not have to travel to San Cristóbal to be cared for at the time of delivery.

In honor of a hero in a white coat

In this regard, Mayor Yoira Vargas stated: “the name of CDI Dr. Gerson Mancipe is in honor of that hero in a white coat, who lost the battle in his life against the covid. It is an honor for the people of Córdoba that its main healthcare center bears his name ”.

"A great friend, an excellent cardiovascular doctor who lost his life in the face of this terrible pandemic," concluded Vargas.  



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