In Sucre they reactivate more than 20 sports fields

Photo: courtesy of the Sucre Governorate

In the Gran Mariscal urbanization of the Sucre state, a new sports field was inaugurated for healthy recreation and promotion of the development of physical and recreational activities for the young people of the town.

The governor of the state of Sucre, Edwin Rojas, accompanied by the mayor Luis Sifontes expressed: “today we set an important precedent in the state of Sucre, because we began to take the nights of Cumaná for sports, for life and for recreation. For each field inaugurated, we are gaining spaces for life, we are winning the battle against leisure and crime, ”said the Sucrense leader.

He asserted that the sports infrastructure is the field number 11 activated in the jurisdiction and adds to the 25 already reopened in the state, reviewed a press release from the Government.

For his part, the mayor of the Sucre municipality, Luis Sifontes, specified that the investment in the recovery work for these spaces exceeds 3 million bolivars.

“Not only was the space arrived here and the space was painted, but also civil works were done and it was done by the youth themselves. As well as the recovery of lighting of this sports space was carried out, ”the municipal president pointed out.



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