In Isnotú they elaborate a new image of José Gregorio Hernández

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The rector of the Niño Jesús de Isnotú Shrine, Father José Magdaleno Álvarez, reported this Wednesday that a new image of the next Blessed Trujillo, José Gregorio Hernández, is being elaborated in this place, which will be blessed on May XNUMX during the central act in Trujillo state.

The elaboration of this sculpture is part of the activities that the diocesan commission has been developing in preparation for the celebration of the beatification of the Doctor of the Poor, on April 30 and is based on the marble image that has been venerated since the 60s. .

“Since our commission was created, we have been in these consultations and working on the image issue. At first, under the supervision of the well-remembered Bishop Oswaldo Azuaje and currently the administrator of the Diocese, Father Rubén Delgado. One of the most popular images of the Venerable is precisely in our land, the marble one located in the Sanctuary of Isnotú where José Gregorio Hernández was born, ”said Father Álvarez.

He also pointed out that the Diocese of Trujillo works with the guidelines issued by the Archdiocese of Caracas in everything related to the preparation of the beatification. In this sense, he explained that the design and creativity of the image was in charge of Father Pedro Terán, a member of the commission, who has spent months developing the digital design of the well-known marble image that is in Isnotú - with extensive consultations with priests, religious and lay people - to then begin with the manufacture of the sculpture of the blessed that represents his native land Isnotú.

Meanwhile, Father Pedro Terán stated that the bulk image reflects the human and spiritual dimensions of the next Blessed José Gregorio Hernández.

With his right hand open and outstretched, he holds a bottle of medicine, remembering everyone's doctor, always ready to help. The Holy Rosary that we attach to his left hand reminds us of his deep spiritual life, which in his devotion to the Holy Mary has one of his greatest wishes (…) The face has been retouched based on one of the photos of the Venerable. The black color of the suit with the white shirt is part of the popular iconography of José Gregorio. The detail of the incline on his left shoulder responds to the arrangement of the same base image. The little cross on his tie reminds us of his deep love for God and the offering of his life for world peace ”, explained Terán.

It should be noted that this image is not an official proposal of the Diocese of Trujillo; However, Father Magdaleno affirmed that he has the approval of the diocesan administrator, Father Rubén Delgado, and that he will be blessed at the solemn mass on Saturday, May XNUMX.

Finally, Álvarez invited the devotees of José Gregorio Hernández to follow the activities carried out in his honor through social media accounts and at the Isnotú Shrine: “We particularly want to invite you to join, as far as possible. possibilities, on Saturday May XNUMX, at the reception of the relics and solemn diocesan mass for the beatification in Isnotú ”.



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