In Guacara they carry out community work for failing to comply with the anti-covid decree

The municipal president said that the work included cleaning public spaces.

The mayor of Guacara, Johan Castañeda, reported that to date, more than 100 citizens have carried out community work for 48 hours, due to non-compliance with the anti-covid decree issued by the regional government. 

The municipal leader pointed out that the work included cleaning public spaces such as squares and avenues, using the orange vest displayed in previous days by Governor Rafael Lacava. 

He assured that the measure was applied to citizens, after being held in the streets without wearing masks and participating in unauthorized meetings. 

“These people disregarded the prohibitions established by the national, regional and local government, some by attending clandestine parties, while others circulated in the streets without masks, risking their health and that of others. We are not happy to be taking these actions, but we are willing to preserve the lives of the families ”, he declared. 

Similarly, Castañeda commented that community work was carried out on Francisco de Miranda Avenue, among other places, under the supervision of the Guacara Municipal Police. "This action was carried out after applying a survey through social networks to determine the type of sanction to apply," explained Castañeda. 

Finally, the mayor urged citizens to comply with the strict radical quarantine dictated by President Nicolás Maduro and the biosafety protocol, in order to prevent the spread of cases in the entity. 



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